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If you have a great Product or Service and all you need is National Exposure... We can help. You have developed a great product or service. Well planned, nicely packaged and ready to sell. You may already be making sales on a local or limited basis and it is time to expand your marketing and increase sales to meet the market potential. Media Funding Group can provide you with the media funding you need to expand your distribution efforts. Perhaps you are in the formative stages of product development and are raising funds for infrastructure and inventory acquisition. Media Funding Group can provide you with advertising based venture capital funding to show other potential investors you have secured the funds to sell your product thus lowering their risk factor The time has come to move your product onto the shelves of national retail stores. You have retailers interested, but they are requesting a multi million dollar branding campaign to drive traffic into their stores. Media Funding Group can provide you with funding and campaign development services to meet those requirements and do so at a fraction of the traditional cost using our innovative funding programs. Whether you are in need of funding to advertise your brand, sell a product or service, adhere to national retail chain placement requirements , distribute a movie or promote an event Media Funding Group Can Provide You With The Funding And Advertising Expertise You Need. We offer a variety of investment based funding programs to meet your advertising objectives as outlined in the Media Funding Programs section of this website. We seek projects where our investment of advertising will propel your brand forward by generating sales that provide a return on our investment. For projects that meet our investment criteria we traditionally fund 50% - 70% of your advertising budget providing significant leverage to your marketing efforts. Funding is available from $25,000 to $5 million or more
If you have a product poised to enter the market and you need funding for a large scale advertising program we would like to talk to you Please contact us for a discussion on your funding needs and a no obligation, media plan review and target analysis report.
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Media Funding Group is the venture capital division of a full service direct response agency in operation since 2005. We utilize the assets and resources of our agency to invest advertising placements in emerging products and services to provide funding for your advertising campaigns. In addition to providing advertising venture capital we also have a wide array of alternative financing programs that can provide additional resources to companies with advertising needs from $25,000 to $5 million or more. As a full service placement agency MEDIA FUNDING GROUP offers all major forms of media placements to meet your advertising objectives in addition to the expertise and a complete suite of media planning tools, response analytics and campaign development services to create an industry leading advertising campaign.