Advertising Venture Capital Media Funding Group can provide your firm with an advertising based investment ranging from $25,000 to $2 million and up in exchange for a percentage of revenues derived from sales, Equity Participation or a combination based on your specific situation and goals.
Advertising For Equity Do you own an emerging private or public company and want to promote your products and services with limited impact on cash flow? Media Funding Group will provide your firm with an advertising based investment ranging from $100,000 to $5 million and up in exchange for your public or private stock.
Inventory Exchange Programs Media Funding Group will purchase your company's products, services and other assets at up to full wholesale or retail value in exchange for credit to purchase advertising. Use your company’s products, services and other assets to pay for your next advertising campaign.
Advertising Credit Lines Media Funding Group will provide your company with an advertising based credit line ranging from $25,000 to $250,000 on a non collateralized basis. Credit lines may extend up to $1 million through leveraged collateralization. Flexible repayment terms allow you to run your advertising campaign now and match your repayment to cash flow recognition.
Per Inquiry Advertising We will invest our media inventories in your sales efforts in exchange for a structured return. Our inventories are proven effective to supply both the reach and frequency necessary to establish and expand an effective direct response campaign. Drive inquiries at a fixed advertising cost per sale that can also be financed using the Credit Line, Equity Participation or Inventory Exchange programs.
Specialized Funding Programs Media Funding Group provides specialized programs for Film distribution through P&A Funding, The MLM industry, Event promoters and for distressed asset liquidation. For more information on the various funding programs offered by Media Funding Group please request your copy of the Media Funding News to the right.
Providing Funding For Your Advertising Campaigns
Advertising Expertise and Funding Commitments
Media Funding Group provides private funding access for Advertising and Marketing campaigns in exchange for a flexible blend of re-payment options to meet the specific needs of the product or brand advertiser. Programs range from Venture Capital based investment to Revenue Share participation and Equity based programs as well as alternative financing based opportunities.
All programs provide Access to top tier media placement inventories identified to fuel first class branding or cost effective direct response campaigns. We provide the same advertising services as a traditional agency including research, planning and development of media plans as well as documentation of funding commitments to support retailer, distributors and investors requirements. Media Funding Group provides campaign funding and the ability to recognize a net advertising cost far below discount structures available in the open cash market.
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